Perolas Villas Resort Binh Thuan: A perfect getaway for holidays 

A brief of Perolas Villas Resort for a memorable vacation

Binh Thuan nowadays is considered as a new holiday paradise with pristine beaches, state-of-the-art luxury resorts, and magnificent landscapes. We will recommend the incredible things in and around Perolas Villas Resort for most travelers to discover and experience the beautiful land. 

A-20 minute drive from Phan Thiet city center, Perolas Villas Resort is designed architecturally with 4 separate areas. The architecture aims to have more open spaces connecting pristine beaches and tropical greenery landscapes. With four separate functional zones, authentic experiences in a modern restaurant have spoiled guests, which might create delights for their holidays. 

Besides, spa services will give complete relaxation and joy. 3D golf services are more delightful whether you are a professional golfer, an amateur, a newbie, or those looking for excitement. Perolas Villa Resort also offers an outdoor mini-golf court for guests to play and practice golf in a more spacious space. 

The luxury resort in Binh Thuan is a perfect getaway for those who are nature and art lovers. Even those always seek places like Perolas Villa Resort – an ideal family getaway for holidays to enjoy the tranquility and find peace in mind. 

A style of architecture in a luxury resort carries a Vietnamese culture

The overall architecture of Perolas Villas Resort has brought lavish comfort and amenities for all guests. Besides that, our architects always focus on the details of each amenity and facility when designing this luxury resort of Perolas Villa. 

Rusticity but still showing lavishness of facilities and furniture 

About 95% of facilities and amenities are bronze, which is a special metal for the climate near the beach like Perolas Villas Resort. The kind of metal helps bring a harmonious combination with wooden furniture. Additionally, the use of bronze in-room facilities and furniture is good for people’s health since it has the characteristics of antioxidants. 

The in-room furniture is made of luxurious oak wood. The use of bronze and wood for in-house furniture has created a lavish style of architecture and got closer to nature. The furniture designed uniquely for Perolas Villas Resort also brings simplicity and rusticity to a villa space. 

The sophisticated craftsmanship of ceramic home appliances 

Perolas Villas Resort also uses tailor-made ceramics and pottery from local craftsmen in Bat Trang Ceramic Village in the north of Vietnam. The extraordinary craftsmanship of ceramics carries the cultural traits from the Tran Dynasty of Vietnam history. All have reflected a long history of Vietnam with their exquisiteness in every corner of Perolas Villas Resort. To have brought sustainable and green energy, Perolas Villas Resort has used 100% of solar energy. 

Architectural designs of open spaces, connecting family during trips

In the tranquility of Perolas Villas Resort, an open architectural design has brought a connection among family members. In front of each villa, there will be space for a luxuriant garden and behind the villa, there are plenty of fruit trees. 

Around Perolas Villas Resort, guests always have spaces for family members to stay closer and spend more time together with luxuriant and greenery landscapes. So there is no doubt to say Perolas Villas Resort is an ideal family getaway for their vacation. 

Have an exclusive experience in Perolas Villa Resort – A luxury resort for all holidays 

Enjoy comfort in lavish villas with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities 

Praia Villas – Garden View and Sea View: As an ideal stay for family getaways 

With an area of 95m2, Praia Villas feature two separate bedrooms: a master bedroom and a twin bedroom. Merging in the pristine beauty of nature, the type of Perolas Villas Resort is considered a perfect hideaway. 

For each type of villa, Perolas Villas Resort also offers a semi-outdoor bedroom with a modern rainshower and bathtub. A private terrace in Praia Villas provides guests with comfort and peacefulness. There is also a wide range of in-house amenities such as a 42’’ smart TV, personal refrigerator, slippers and bathrobes, and hand-made and natural bath amenities. Amongst Perolas Villas, Praia Villa’s comfort gains interest for family-style accommodation. 

Pradis Villas – An exclusive resort experience awaits beloved-ones 

The luxury resort offers a spacious living room and a separate dining area with a fantastic view over the ocean. A private terrace provides guests with a spectacular view. Besides spacious areas, the tranquility and magnificent natural landscapes give you a state of relaxation. 

Pradis Villas feature an authentic experience with an indoor bathtub and rainshower. With over 300m2, Pradis Villa is a splendid and exclusive experience for family getaways. 

Bamboo Spa: Our spa services care for your body from little things 

Skillful and experienced therapists at Perolas Villas Resort delight guests with a wide range of relaxing therapies. Staying at Bamboo Spa, you’ll immerse yourself in the space, surrounded by relaxing music, and a fragrant and comfortable aroma. Our experienced spa staff at Bamboo Spa will take you to a world of your own with a relaxing body and peace of mind. With a luxurious spa service, Perolas Villas Resort ensures you will have an unforgettable stay. 

  • Body massage 
  • Foot massage 
  • Hot-stone massage

Challenges golfers with 3D Golf service and an outdoor mini-golf court 

Perolas Villas Resort gives guests a chance to challenge their golf skills. With state-of-the-art facilities and the latest technologies, a 3D golf service will be a great experience that’s worth a try whether you are a professional or a newbie. Top-notch golf 3D games challenge their skills. Besides, guests also practice their skills in an outdoor mini-golf court. Leveling up their skills in an outdoor mini-golf court is a must-try experience for visitors when staying at Perolas Villas Resort. 

Savor gastronomic Vietnamese cuisine 

Perolas Villas Resort always puts guest experiences and their health first, so you will have a chance to taste finger-licking Vietnamese cuisines. Vine Restaurant and Oceanus Restaurant use organic products from their gardens, local farmers, and markets. With the love and passion for Vietnamese cuisine, chefs combine local and seasonal ingredients to ensure the guests have authentic gastronomic experiences. Here is some information for you to see in terms of opening hours: 

  • Vine Restaurant from 6:30 to 22:00.
  • Oceanus Restaurant from 10:00 am to 22:00 pm. 

Take your time by participating in other entertainment activities 

There are also a lot of entertaining activities awaiting tourists to explore and experience during their exclusive stays. They can be immersed in a four-season swimming pool, have relaxing moments in the karaoke room, etc. Besides spacious rooms in Perolas Villas Resort, guests can relax more by taking part in many entertainment activities. All combined to make guests have an unforgettable stay in Perolas Villas Resort.

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