Pérolas Villas Resort

Just 20 minutes from Phan Thiet city, Perolas is a place where seasoned travellers can escape the hectic pace of the city, It’s the best destinations to spend a family holiday and this resort offers the best catering services for families. Designed of four separate functional areas that are delightfully peaceful a tropical garden, a gourmet restaurant which spoils our guests with passionately created delights and SPA facilities dedicated to relaxation and peace of mind. It is an ideal starting point for day trips to TA CU Mountain is known for the big lying Budda statue. Perolas is where you are to visit if looking for unforgettable experience.

Specific Furniture - Vietnamese Values

Brass Equipment

Besides to the overall design, Pérolas is interested in every small detail – 100% of the metal utensils in the project are used copper alloy, the interior is completely wooden, hand-made cement tiles bring the art to the villas

Pérolas uses 100% solar energy to contribute to bringing green energy into every rhythm of life.

Wood Furniture

The entire interior is handcrafted from high quality oak. Items designed specifically for Pérolas focus on simplicity and bring the best user experience

Bat Trang Ceramics

Ceramics utensils are handmade by Bat Trang artisans, with motifs inspired by patterns of the Tran Dynasty and ancient reef glaze.

Road Map to Pérolas