The beauties of nature always make human beings passionate. Natural landscapes have brought an impressive look with the harmonious combination of pristine and pure beauties. Located in the Southern part of Vietnam, Binh Thuan is worth visiting for most adventurous travelers. Clear waterways, white sandy beaches and sunshines have just crafted a poetic and marvelous scenery.

Amongst various beautiful attractions, travelers cannot miss out on Mui Ke Ga, which has attracted lots of tourists recently for its wilderness and pristineness. Mui Ke Ga Binh Thuan has impressed most travelers not only for its name but also for its landscapes. The traveling states of youngsters are changing so well, they want to explore distinctive and unexplored places, Mui Ke Ga has gradually gained their interests. The article will give audiences a full destination guide of Mui Ke Ga Binh Thuan that you might want to know.

Mui Ke Ga, also called Mui Khe Ga – An overview 

Mui Ke Ga –  Holding all adventure-lovers 

500 meters from the mainland and over 20 kilometers from Binh Thuan, Mui Ke Ga is a small island that travelers have to visit. The natural environment itself constitutes a beautiful landscape for this islet. Hundreds of granite stones with distinctive shapes have created a magnificent scenery in Mui Ke Ga Binh Thuan.

Mui Ke Ga is located on the coastal strip of Ke Ga hamlet, Tan Thanh ward, Ham Thuan Nam district, Binh Thuan province. The beautiful island has become an ideal tourist attraction for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle cities. With significant nature and culinaries, Mui Ke Ga hiddens nature secrets that many people can’t explain.

Unlocking the meaning of Mui Ke Ga

There are lots of myths to explain about Mui Ke Ga Binh Thuan. According to common explanations, local people say that Mui Ke Ga is also called Mui Khe Ga. It originates from the myth of a crevice among the rocks in the island that looks like the head of a rooster. From time to time, indigenous people call it “Ke Ga”.

According to “Dai Nam Thong Nhat Chi”, the island is a separate part of Cam Ke Mountain (also called Ke Du – Rooster Mountain). Additionally, there is a flock of guinea fowl with colorful feathers living on the island. There is also another explanation for Mui Ke Ga. In 1899, the French moved to Phan Thiet to build a lighthouse. Thus, they chose those protruding rocks of Mui Ke Ga. The French called Ke Ga and the Vietnamese read “Kê Gà”.

Mui Ke Ga Binh Thuan: How to get there?

Getting to Mui Ke Ga by motorbike

Traveling to Mui Ke Ga by bike is one of the most common ways for travelers, especially for youngsters. Since they want to have more time and comfort to explore nature landscapes along the road. There are lots of traveling routes that travelers can choose from:

  • Along the road of Phan Thiet: Following the No. 1 highway to reach Phan Thiet, travelers pass Phan River (Binh Thuan), turn left to arrive at Nhum Stream. Then, you turn right to reach Mui Ke Ga. It is the easiest and nearest way for you to get to Mui Ke Ga Binh Thuan.
  • From Ho Chi Minh City: You follow the no. 51 highway of Vung Tau direction and then turn left to follow the no. 55 highway of Binh Chau and Phan Thiet direction. Go ahead to reach Mui Ke Ga.

Visiting magnificent Mui Ke Ga by train

This way is suitable for those who want to contemplate the natural landscapes along the road. To book a train from Ho Chi Minh City to Phan Thiet, you book tickets at Sai Gon Station. Trains will stay at Muong Man Station or Phan Thiet Station. Then you can book a taxi or a shuttle bus to reach Mui Ke Ga.

Exploring Mui Ke Ga by a shuttle bus

Going by a shuttle bus to Mui Ke Ga is another way for all travelers. It’s from Ho Chi Minh City to Phan Thiet. Then you take a shuttle bus from Suoi Cat Tourism Complex (Phan Thiet) to get to Ham Tan (no. 06 shuttle bus) or they can take a taxi, 35 kilometers. Here are 3 names of coaches for you to choose from:

  • Mai Linh Taxi – Tel: (028) 39292929.
  • Phuong Trang – Tel: (028) 3920 6564.
  • Kumho Samco – Tel: (028) 3511 6861.

The best time to visit Mui Ke Ga Binh Thuan?

The ideal time for visiting Mui Ke Ga Binh Thuan is the spring, especially in March. The tide in March seems to be lower than other months. So it uncovers the whole beauty of marvelous and mysterious limestones. Additionally, the waterway in March is pristine blue and the sun is not too hot in the morning and afternoon. Travelers will like the time since it has a little rain. The nice weather supports you to discover beautiful landscapes and be involved in various tourism activities in Mui Ke Ga.

Those who have missed a chance of visiting Mui Ke Ga in March do not worry about it. You also can have another opportunity to explore Binh Thuan lands from October to March. It’s a great time to visit here too. The time from October to March is ideal to go to beaches in Binh Thuan. Remember to stay at Mui Ke Ga resorts when traveling to Binh Thuan.

Best things to do in Mui Ke Ga

Go camping overnight to watch the sunrise

If you plan to visit Mui Ke Ga Binh Thuan, do not miss out on camping overnight here. Travelers prepare a little bit before going here. It’s like pitching a tent, and other ovens, charcoal, fresh seafood and fruits to have a nice BBQ on the beach. People will have a fun and memorable moment under the fire, watch the sky full of stars and the sunrise on the horizon. Camping overnight on the beach is one of the best things that travelers must try when going to Mui Ke Ga.

Taking a cano to explore Mui Dien – One of the tourism activities that travelers should try

Another tourism activity for solo-travelers is to explore Mui Dien by cano. Mui Dien is a location of the most ancient lighthouse in Vietnam, being made by the French architects in 1897. A few hundreds of meters away from the mainland, travelers will get to Mui Dien by cano. The feelings of surfing over the seawater to contemplate the ancient lighthouse make visitors feel so small and unforgettable.

Fishing tours: it’s time for you to catch fish, grabs, and squids

Hunting seafood in the ocean will be fascinating tourism activities for travelers. They can enjoy the cool fresh air of the marvelous ocean and feel so excited about sailing to catch fish, grabs, etc. After hunting fresh seafood, travelers are thrilled about savoring them right away. Catching sea animals is one of the most favorite activities that visitors should try when coming to Mui Ke Ga. 

The best food to eat around Mui Ke Ga

According to a destination guide to Binh Thuan, travelers are never worried about the food since it is a food heaven, especially for seafood. Tourists can enjoy a wide range of seafood such as scallops, oysters, squids, fish, lobsters, etc.  People can grill with cheese and a little salt and pepper to make it more delicious. “Banh xeo” (rice pancake folded in half and filled with shrimps, meat and soya bean sprouts gains interest even if the day is shiny or rainy. When coming to Mui Ke Ga, tourists try squid which can be steamed and grilled. The food in Mui Ke Ga Binh Thuan here is flavorful and unique that travelers have to savor.

Top Mui Ke Ga places for all check-in-holic travelers

The most ancient lighthouse in Vietnam

Ke Ga lighthouse is considered one of the most magnificent landmarks in Southeast Asia that travelers should visit. With a 41-minute height, the lighthouse features vertical standing which can widen a clear blue sky. In the lighthouse, there are 183 stairs which have spiral shapes, creating a masterpiece. From the top of the lighthouse, travelers can have an overview of pristine blue water. The road leading to Ke Ga lighthouse has a wide range of magnificent backgrounds that tourists can take pictures of here. With a time-honored octagonal-shape architecture, Ke Ga lighthouse has gained tourist interests recently in Binh Thuan.

Unique and extraordinary rocks in Mui Ke Ga Binh Thuan

Mui Ke Ga Binh Thuan features massive rocks with unique shapes, which has become one of the most famous places for travelers to check-in. Various rocks have been arranged one on top of the other, creating unique shapes. The extraordinary shapes have brought excitement and interest for most tourists. Those rocks would be the top check-in site for travelers when visiting Mui Ke Ga.

Blue beaches with hundreds meters of seashores near Perolas Villa Resort

With 120 meters of seashore, tourists can walk and check-in on the seashore of beaches near Perolas Villa Resort. There are not any tourists, just you and the blue beaches with pristine water and white-sandy beaches.

Where to stay around Mui Ke Ga Binh Thuan – Perolas Villa Resorts

Binh Thuan is considered as a paradise of resorts with beautiful and stretching seashores in the central part of Vietnam. Tourists can choose Perolas Villa Resorts for their stay when coming to Mui Ke Ga. A 4-star resort on the magnificent beaches, Perolas Villa Resort Binh Thuan is a perfect stay for you.

A Destination Guide – Mui Ke Ga Binh Thuan

Lying on a poetic and pristine beach, an hour’s drive from Phan Thiet city, Mui Ke Ga seems to be a must-visit tourist attraction for travelers. With lots of check-in spots, Mui Ke Ga offers magnificence and charming natural beauty. Hopefully, our destination guide of Mui Ke Ga is useful for your trip to Binh Thuan.

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